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A new category of products

KnowBe4 introduces a breakthrough product that embodies a new category of cybersecurity solutions called Human Detection and Response (HDR). The concept of HDR is similar to Extended Detection and Response (XDR) systems, but focuses on the human layer of cybersecurity strategy. HDR correlates, identifies and responds to tens of thousands of detected events related to risky user behavior within the existing security infrastructure. It is possible thanks to a complete integration with market-leading cybersecurity products such as Microsoft®, Crowdstrike®, Cisco®, SentinelOne®, Sophos®, Octa®, and others. 

In this new category, KnowBe4 is a pioneer to controlling and enabling actual change in user behavior and minimizing risks in the human layer. HDR provides significant time savings for your overburdened SOC team by reducing the amount of work caused by repetitive, risky behavior, and allows SOC to focus on high-priority threats.


New possibilities

The system can react to current events of security procedures violation (e.g. visiting a dangerous website, opening a dangerous attachment, violation of the DLP policy). This opens great opportunities in the area of ​​immediate delivery of warnings and security advice related to the detected violation using Slack®, Microsoft Teams® communicators or e-mail. But this is not all. The collected data on actual security policy violations can be further used to precisely shape the employee training process or linked to additional phishing campaigns. The whole solution is complemented by analytics, thanks to which we can measure the risk level of users based on real events in the current security infrastructure (AntiSpam Systems, Endpoint Security, WebGateway, Identity) and not only on theoretical tests or quizzes. 

By combining this new functionality with other KnowBe4 products we are getting a complete ecosystem that allows us to analyze current events related to employee behavior, the tools for reporting potential threats, or automatic responses to help eliminate the problem.

Currently, KnowBe4 is the most complete and comprehensive platform on the market that allows you to effectively strengthen the cybersecurity culture in the organization and change its weaknesses into strengths by creating an additional layer of security - the Human Security Layer. It is not without a reason that KnowBe4 has been a leader in Gartner® and Forrester® rankings for many years.

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Instead of guessing the level of cybersecurity culture or wondering what mistakes employees make in your organization, simply start measuring it all, limiting the level of risk and comparing your results with predefined indicators. As simple as that. If you want to know the most advanced platform for implementing New Generation Security Awareness programs, contact us to schedule a presentation.