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We effectively protect against cyber threats


Our company is a leader in implementing and running projects and programs that increase awareness of the risks associated with using information systems. We care about the safety of all the people inside your company - your employees, managers, and executives.

Social engineering is the most commonly used tool in the hands of cybercriminals who target humans, not technology. Therefore, we raise awareness of how to behave in the face of threats such as phishing or malware.

We help our clients enhance their organizations' security culture by enabling them to achieve a high level of resilience to cyber threats. Our goal is to change human behavior in a controlled way, turning weakness into strength.

We offer a unique and comprehensive service that allows us to implement effective next-generation Security Awareness programs and achieve our goals related to cybersecurity.

Benefits of implementing the next-generation Security Awareness Program:
• vulnerability to cyberattacks reduced by more than 80%
• security incidents reduced by 70%
• incident handling costs reduced by 70%
• the organization's risk of financial loss reduced by up to 50%
• return on investment (ROI) of 273%

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The human factor: a key element to the security system

People, processes, and technologies - these are the pillars of a company's security. None of them should be ignored, but the human factor is particularly important here. Regardless of the amount of money spent on investments or the number of technologies implemented in the company, without constant awareness of people about the risks, your efforts will not be successful. Remember that it is mainly people, not technology, that are susceptible to online attacks. No matter how many new technologies you implement in the company, ignoring the human factor in the process, sooner or later you will fail, because it is mainly people, not technology, that is the target of the attack.

The core weapon of cybercriminals today is social engineering, which is perfectly illustrated by the following data:
• over 90% of attack scenarios use human communication (email, SMS, phone, social media)
• 82% of security breaches are human-related
• 91% of attacks use email
• 35% of all losses caused by cybercrime are due to phishing attacks such as Business Email Compromise / Email Account Compromise
• in 2021, 66% of organizations experienced spear phishing attacks (emails referring to personal information or a mutual friend)
• the risk of employees disclosing sensitive data is 52 times higher in organizations that show weak security culture


Our offer


Do you want to know what level you are at in terms of security awareness? How does Human Layer Security look like in your company, and what else can be done to increase security? We will help you at every stage of implementing and running the next generation Security Awareness program. We will analyze the needs of your organization, select the appropriate tools and methodology, and help you set a work schedule and establish the budget. Let's take care of the security in your organization together!

Providing tools

We will match and provide you with a set of tools to help build and maintain awareness of cyber threats related to your organization. We partner with the world leader in implementing Security Awareness programs - KnowBe4. Thanks to this, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions, from which we are able to choose the ones that best suit your needs.


We offer extensive content-related support, educating teams on security awareness processes and products. We provide security awareness training covering issues such as the process of changing human behavior, among others. Thus, we increase awareness of the risks associated with using the network.


Don't have a budget for hiring a person to handle security awareness? Or maybe you just like optimizing expenses? By using our outsourcing service, you can save up to 60% of the cost of an additional full-time position! In addition to saving money, you will also gain valuable support of a whole team of committed security awareness experts!


Depending on your needs, we can prepare the concept, provide the necessary tools, implement and manage the next generation Security Awareness program in your company, and even develop trainings dedicated to your employees!
We provide services in mutiple languages - the industry of your business or its size is no obstacle for us! Thanks to this, you can take care of your other crucial tasks, while we take care of security awareness among your employees!

We are a partner of KnowBe4 - a world leader in implementing Security Awareness programs. One of KnowBe4's founders is Kevin Mitnick, a legendary hacker turned security consultant since 2000, and author of several books. KnowBe4 is used by over 50,000 companies worldwide.

Join the group of organizations using KnowBe4 products!


What makes us stand out?

We save you time

We can fully take care of the entire process of next-generation Security Awareness program in your company. We will analyze your needs, prepare a project, deliver tools and attend to their implementation. What will be left for you is to analyze the reports we provide and derive satisfaction from working with professionals!

We are effective

We use the best tools, and we base our programs on scientific research and proven models. We are a team of experts with many years of experience in the industry. We'll show you how to reduce human error in the face of cyberspace threats by eight times!

We reduce costs

Greater awareness of threats and the development of appropriate human behavior make for a significant reduction in security incidents. Handling incidents is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Cooperating with us guarantees lowering the costs related to incident handling!

We achieve goals

We precisely define the program goals and methods of their measurement. Thanks to this, you can quickly and easily verify the progress of the program and - thus - also our work.

We use a proven methodology

We base our activities on scientific foundations, thoroughly tested models, and methodologies. We always focus on selecting the most effective methods for our clients, allowing them to achieve their goals in the shortest time possible.

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Mając świadomość własnych ograniczeń nawiązaliśmy współpracę z firmą Oversec w celu zwiększenia świadomości cyberzagrozeń wśród naszych pracowników z pomocą platformy KnowBe4. Dotychczasowe wyniki są niezwykłe w porównaniu z naszym poprzednim podejściem „zrób to sam”. Czasami opłaca się uznać własne ograniczenia, ograniczyć straty i poszukać silnego partnera.

Chief Information Officer | Goodvalley A/S

On behalf of BEST S.A. I certify that with the support of Oversec Sp. z o.o. we are able to very effectively use the capabilities of the KnowBe4 platform. Thanks to our cooperation with Oversec Sp. z o.o. we have visibly increased the level of security awareness not only in our company but also in the private lives of our employees and their families.



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