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Raise Security Awareness in your company to the next level!

At OVERSEC, we provide companies with the best solutions for the utilization of next-generation Security Awareness programs. We partner with the world leading supplier of security awareness tools - KnowBe4. One of its founders is Kevin Mitnick, a hacker guru who has become a security consultant and author of several books for the last 20+ years.

KnowBe4 solutions have been setting trends in this segment for many years, raising the bar for all their competition. KnowBe4 is the provider of the world's largest security awareness training resource. It allows you to effectively manage security threats from the angle of social engineering or phishing.

KnowBe4 products are being used by over 50,000 companies worldwide.


Enterprise Security Awareness Training®

An integrated tool as a platform for strengthening and measuring the organization's safety culture.

The KnowBe4 platform integrates all functions in one system, managed in a simple and intuitive way via graphical interface. It contains interactive modules, videos, games, quizzes, etc.
It allows you to easily set up phishing and training campaigns.

Thanks to thousands of available templates, it can be easily adapted to the needs of your organization. Additionally, with the help of the built-in tools, you can measure the effects of the actions taken and generate reports confirming the achievement of the set goals.

With this platform, cultivating users' awareness of cyber threats becomes much easier!

What KnowBe4 gives you and your organization?
  • over 2,000 training courses, animations, films, quizzes and series updated on a regular basis, with the possibility to import your own materials,
  • automated training campaigns,
  • simulated phishing campaigns,
  • over 16,000 ready-to-use phishing scenarios,
  • tools for creating and tracking an unlimited number of phishing tests for your employees,
  • AI-based tools to automate the selection of training and phishing campaigns according to the knowledge about the user,
  • over 34 language versions support,
  • innovative Virtual Risk Officer (VRO) function for automatic measurement and risk analysis,
  • tools for measuring the employees' knowledge level and their safety culture,
  • extensive reporting tools showing statistics (e.g. the percentage of end users susceptible to phishing),
  • reference data to compare your organization's indicators with the results of similar companies in the world,
  • integration with popular systems, incl. Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Google Workspace or leading SIEM / SOAR solutions (over 50 integrations).

KnowBe4 PhishER®

PhishER is a platform for automatic handling and analysis of suspicious messages.

It enables primarily:

  • managing potentially malicious emails reported by users,
  • automatic prioritization of emails and thus faster and more effective response to threats,
  • accelerating the work of people analyzing tickets by up to 90%,
  • searching for and removing dangerous messages from users' email boxes thanks to integration with Microsoft 365® and Google Workspace®,
  • creating and automating feedback communication with users in order to increase their involvement in building cybersecurity in the organization.

KnowBe4 KCM GRC®

KnowBe4 KCM is a GRC platform – affordable and very easy to use. KCM enables effective and efficient risk and compliance management in the organization.

Ekran monitora ukazujący paltformę KnowBe4 KCM GRC, której wdrożeniem zajmuje sie firma Oversec

By investing in KnowBe4 KCM GRC®, you can avoid the need for time-consuming, manual processes and the use of spreadsheets. The KCM GRC platform is a tool that will help you conduct audits with ease, consuming half the time and money.

The biggest advantages of KnowBe4 KCM GRC® are:

  • simple and intuitive user interface,
  • quick implementation,
  • intelligible workflow,
  • effective and efficient risk and compliance management,
  • accelerating the work of threat analysts by up to 90%,
  • time-saving and affordably priced.


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