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grafika ukazująca narzędzia firmy Knowbe4 partnera Oversec

We provide next-generation cybersecurity services!
We specialize in increasing the resilience of organizations and their employees to cyber threats. We offer services in the field of corporate cybersecurity, implementing New Generation Security Awareness programs.

We have many years of experience in IT security!
We are happy to share our experience with you in the field of cybersecurity services! We will help you build an effective next-generation Security Awareness program, which will increase the level of security of your company and will be your showcase inside the organization.


  • We will analyze the needs of your organization
  • We will select the right tools and methodology
  • We will help you determine your budget

We support organizations at all stages of preparation and implementation of the Next Generation Security Awareness program.

We are at your disposal whenever you need help with analyzing your company's needs or developing a strategy in the area of ​​organizational security (i.a. preventing data leakage). Thanks to our security analyzes, we know exactly what is the current level of your company's cybersecurity and what to do to increase it.

We will help you determine the budget necessary to carry out the work, and prepare materials that clearly show that it is an investment with a high rate of return.

Providing tools

  • Intuitive and friendly management
  • Excellent analytical tools
  • Great functionality-price ratio

As a KnowBe4 partner - a leader in next-generation Security Awareness solutions - we can offer you a range of utilities to support your organization in building awareness of cyber threats.

Each time we adjust the tools individually to the client's needs, so they can be most effective in strengthening the Security Culture.


  • Implementing the program from A to Z
  • Support at every stage of the project

We assist in the comprehensive implementation of the next-generation Security Awareness program. Thanks to many years of experience, we know well what and how to do to avoid "pitfalls" at particular stages of the service and - as a result - launch the program quickly and without problems.

By working with us, you will save time and money while gaining an effective tool for building your organization's resistance to cyber threats.


  • Substantive support of the process
  • Knowledge and technical support for the products

Do you want your team to implement and manage the next-generation Security Awareness program on their own? We offer full training support - both in terms of tools and process handling.

We train in the most important competences for strengthening the human factor resilience to cyber threats. We will train your team and share practical tips on both using the tools and the process of changing human behavior. Everything so that you can get the best results and achieve your goals, saving time and avoiding mistakes.

Additional materials and content

  • Personalized supplementary content
  • Materials consistent with visual identification and communication style of your company

You will receive high-quality materials without the additional time and money expenditure required to prepare them yourself.

Security Awareness is not only high-quality tools, but also additional materials that facilitate everyday work. These are infographics, personalized training, as well as newsletters, all of them consistent with the visual identity and communication standards of your company.


  • Support from a professional and committed team
  • Saving money - no need to hire an additional employee

Delegating all responsibilities associated with implementing the next-generation Security Awareness program and its subsequent management will save you time and money.

We provide comprehensive IT security services. We prepare the concept, provide the necessary tools, then implement and manage the Security Awareness program in your company.

We adapt to your company's standards of communication and corporate identity. We provide services in multiple languages, for organizations of all sizes and from various industries. We care about the highest quality of used solutions and the security of both the users as well as the data and systems concerned.

We provide effective cybersecurity protection!

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Mając świadomość własnych ograniczeń nawiązaliśmy współpracę z firmą Oversec w celu zwiększenia świadomości cyberzagrozeń wśród naszych pracowników z pomocą platformy KnowBe4. Dotychczasowe wyniki są niezwykłe w porównaniu z naszym poprzednim podejściem „zrób to sam”. Czasami opłaca się uznać własne ograniczenia, ograniczyć straty i poszukać silnego partnera.

Chief Information Officer | Goodvalley A/S

On behalf of BEST S.A. I certify that with the support of Oversec Sp. z o.o. we are able to very effectively use the capabilities of the KnowBe4 platform. Thanks to our cooperation with Oversec Sp. z o.o. we have visibly increased the level of security awareness not only in our company but also in the private lives of our employees and their families.



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